Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is Your Diet Making You Fat?
Are you eating low fat foods?(low fat, high sugar)
Are the majority of your food purchases from the supermarket coming from the inside aisles?
Are you using condiments that contain sugar (names of sugar)?
Are you eating a majority of foods that contain corn (names of corn)?
Are you eating corn-fed meat or grass-fed meat? Wild or farmed?  Free-range or caged?
Are your fruits and veggies organic?
Are there chemicals in your food (chemicals in food can make you fat)?
Do you drink your calories?  Juice?  Soda?
Are you watching your portion sizes?
Do you skip meals?

Okay, so you decide to go on a diet.  What does that mean?  Where do you start, right?  Are you supposed to buy only low fat items in the store?  Are you supposed to skip meals?  Do you eat salad until your eyes turn green?  What do you do?
The best thing is to begin by going back to nature.  Eat things that have been manipulated the least.  This means you are going to be eating from the outside aisles, more than the inside aisles of your super market.  Chose organic fruits and vegetables that have much less harmful pesticides.  Side note, you do not have to buy organic avocados, bananas, oranges or anything else you have to peel (foods you don't have to buy organic).  As you shop, think "what were people eating 100 years ago?" or as I like to say "What would Jesus eat?" and eat that!  One hundred years ago they were not eating Ho Ho's and Wheat Thins (not even low-fat Wheat Thins).  They were eating whole grains, real butter, organic vegetables and fruit.  Their cows were grass fed and their chickens ran free.  The fish they ate were not farmed and fed corn!  What they ate was simple.  Life was simple and I am sure they exercised daily.  After all churning butter is a great arm workout!  If you churn well, it could even be a core and leg workout too!
So when beginning a diet go back to nature, so back to eating simple, real foods.  Eat nuts, try yummy quinoa (quinoa recipes), make your own pasta sauce or buy an organic one, make your own soups (most cans have BPA), go for the organic milk and eat Greek yogurt without the fruit (add you own sugar, raw, agave or honey).  There are so many things you can eat that are healthy for you, the list goes on and on.  Water should be your main fluid.  I need a least one bubbly water a day so I can have my fizz without the horror.  If you need to add a little fruit juice, or lemon with agave or honey for flavor.  For help finding back to nature foods look up clean eating resources (Eat Clean Diet).
Dieting should not be complicated, rather it should be easy.  Going back to nature is a fun, refreshing opportunity which your body will be thankful for. To be continued...