Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Healthiest Year Yet

I am from Southern California so I  believe I was born to be on a diet!  Hollywood ready at all times!  Or should I say 'Baywatch' ready?  You never know when you'll bump into David Hasselhoff.  So eating well and being active have always been on my mind.  I have always been very sporty, I love the high of a good workout.  It gets the blood going!  Yet even though I have been very active, combined with a lifelong diet, my body was never super slim.  My body has always been think and stocky.  So think, stocky and I have to add in short!   So yes, this all totally sucks.  For over 30 years I believed that 'thick' was just my shape and I had to live with it.  Well, that was until I watched the movie Food Inc., Forks Over Knifes and Engine 2.  Those movies completely changed what I thought was 'healthy' eating to really eating healthy!  I went from a think, stocky 130+ lb. shorty to a 110 lb. cutie (you can read my journey here).  I have to tell you that I so super love being short!  

Let's get to the photos!  Okay, so what was my lifestyle in each of these seasons?  Here goes:

Nordstrom Dress with wedding jewelry  /  Same dress & same jewelry (yikes)
36 years old  /  39 years old

2 kids under five  /  3 kids five and under 

144lbs.  /  110lbs

Living in Europe  /  Living in Europe

Buying American processed food  /  Buying European food 

Hate to cook (made quick meals)  /  Love to cook from scratch  

"DIET" was on my mind  /  "Eat more" is on my mind

Skip meals, count calories, eat low fat & high protein /  Eat all day, never count                                                                                                 calories

Believed in hard, long workouts  /  Workouts should be short and intense

Before Food Inc., Forks, Engine  /  After watching & adhering my life to their                                                                                                 message

Baby #2 was 19 months  /  Baby #3 was 19 months

Able to workout 6 weeks postpartum  /  Had to wait 12 weeks postpartum... 

Ate animal product and oil  /  Eat produce, grains, beans, seeds (G bombs)

Zumba and Running for Exercise /  Beachbody's  Turbo Fire and T25

So all in all, I eat more, weigh much less, lost my thick look and I feel amazing.  Please join me in this venture.  Please feel free to ask me questions on my Facebook Page: Healthy Sushi

P.S. After going Plant Strong my PMS went bye bye!
P.S.S.  That had made both me and my husband happy!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Success Story Coming Soon!

How did I do this at 39 after having 3 kids?

2 simple resources 'Forks Over Knifes' Movie
Turbo Fire

Get them here:

More to come when my kids decide to nap!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Here is Yet Another Reason to go Plant-Strong

Eating a plant-strong diet has so many benefits.  I need to write a post on all the changes a plant-strong has had on my body and on my family.  For starters, I feel so much better than I did when I was a organic processed foods, meat eating girl.  I am 20 pounds lighter and I have NO PMS.  Yep, I said NO PMS!  Here's a great video that will further convince you to eat plant-strong!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

The American Diet is Killing Us

Drinks, sauces, peanut butter, jelly, bread, syrup, crackers, yogurt, snacks and more are full of sugar!  Here is a 60 Minutes report of the effect of sugar on the body.  Sugar is linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.  These issues are mostly preventable if sugar is taken out of the diet.  I encourage you to run away from processed foods because most of it has hidden sugars in it.  Toss the sauces, and pre-made foods and go as natural and organic as you possibly can.  Here are lists of processed foods that are better for you: How We Roll.

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Quick List of Plant-Strong Yes and Oh No!


YES-  Things to do for a successful plant-strong lifestyle
1.       YES, eat your G-BOMBS Daily!  G-greens, B-beans, O-onions, M-mushrooms, B-berries, S-seeds.

2.       YES, watch the movie Forks Over Knives and read the books The Engine 2 Diet and My Beef with Meat.  Rent it here:  FOK Rental   Buy it here: E2Diet  MBWM

3.       YES, eat dark chocolate!  Not too much.

4.       YES, have a yummy smoothie for a snack.  What I like in my smoothie: Frozen fruit, almond milk, chia seeds, banana and date crumbles.

5.       YES, eat your French fries!  Chop a sweet potato (or white potato), spread on parchment paper on a baking sheet and bake on 375 until ready (usually 20 minutes).  So healthy and no oil is used!

6.       YES, snack on raw nuts and dried fruit (make sure the nuts are raw and not fried in oil).

7.       YES, use Nutritional Yeast ( B12) as a cheese substitute, Liquid Aminos for a salt substitute, Ground Flax and Chia Seeds for fiber and omega-3 and an egg substitute,  Seaweed for needed iodine.

8.       YES, sprinkle ground flax seeds and chia seeds on your cereal, add them in your smoothie and use them as egg substitutes.  They also a great source of omega-3 and fiber.  So you can swim away from fish.

9.       YES, try avocado and lemon for a salad dressing or try a balsamic vinegar, mustard and agave dressing on your greens.   Add tons of veggies too!

10.   YES, enjoy the time spent in your kitchen.  Play music, sing, dance and listen to podcasts while cooking home-made, healthy, non-processed, plant-strong meals.

11.   YES, workout daily. (My Beachbody Page)

NO- Things to avoid while living  a plant-strong lifestyle

1.        NO processed foods.  Try to avoid most man-made foods.  Here’s a list of approved plant-strong processed foods:  Healthier Processed Food Lists

2.       NO sugary drinks (including packaged fruit juices).  Sparkling water is a great substitute.  Soy in your latte will do!

3.       NO animal milk.  There are so many substitutes out there you will not miss milk: almond, soy, rice, hemp, grains.  Side note: look out for carrageen in the ingredient list.  You want to stay away from this additive. ( Love Your Body 101) 

4.       NO, do not categorize your meats from good to bad.  Generally people believe fish, chicken and egg whites are healthier than beef but all meat has saturated fat.  Get your power protein from awesome sources like: quinoa, lentils, tempeh, soy, nuts, spinach, beans.

5.       NO, eating out.  This one is hard but super super worth it.   Restaurants add more oil, fat and salt than you would at home.  Avoid being hungry while on the go, stick a couple of plant-strong approved food bars or a cut up veggies/ fruit in your bag.

6.       NO oil (or very little oil).   Who needs all the fat?  Rather than oil, cook with water, vegetable broth or beer.

7.       NO, do not give up on eating healthy.  Give yourself one month of eating plant-strong before you give up. 

8.       NO, don’t starve!  Eat, eat and eat all the real food you can get.  Veggies, fruit, raw nuts, and dried fruit are great snacks.  On a plant-strong diet you should eat more often.  Eat often, eat healthy!

9.       NO, don’t be a boring plant-strong eater!  Make a variety of foods.  Buy vegan cookbooks and follow vegan blogs. Ideas: veggie lasagna, veggie burritos, Greek quinoa salad, hummus with veggies or pita bread, Ethopian lentils with Yams…

  NO, don’t keep all the great things happening in your body to yourself, tell everyone about the blessings of a plant-strong diet!

Friday, June 7, 2013

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Monday, May 27, 2013

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